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Enhance your knowledge with the VPP Basics Study Guide, designed to explain the basics of the program and assist in your journey and understanding of what makes the Voluntary Protection Program such an effective and worthwhile endeavor.

With added Elements of VPP card and electronics travel kit. Make the most of your VPP Basic Study Guide Kit with added convenience and versatility. Experience easy storage and transport of your study materials, along with everything you need for your next adventure with our included electronics travel kit. This bundle takes your studying to the next level!

Study Guide comes with an accompanying video to learn and test your knowledge. The video will be sent directly to you via email after purchase.

**The video will be shipped on a flash drive with your order** 

Kit Includes:

  • Study Guide Booklet
  • Accompanying vido
  • Elements of VPP Card
  • 3-in-1 Travel Travel Kit
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5

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