Sustainability Mission

We believe it is our duty to minimize our environmental footprint. We have chosen to take action and make sure we are practicing and promoting sustainability. We are proud to use vendors that provide eco-friendly and renewable products. We take part in and promote the purchase of recycled materials and environmentally conscious options of printing ink and materials. We strive to use vendors that also abide by the rules of keeping their procedures as sustainable as possible. We sell safe and reliable products, that are void of chemicals and toxins. Products go through testing for quality and safety before they are in your hands.

Committing to a healthy work environment also contributes in our mission to remain sustainable. Our staff continually strives to improve on:

  • Our compliance with Federal, State and other legal requirements
  • Reducing energy and water use whenever possible
  • Reducing paper waste by going paperless in the office
  • Being conscious of purchasing and warehousing products
  • Recycling
  • Using energy efficient technology wherever possible
  • Promoting the importance of environmental and sustainable practices to all involved in and around the company
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