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The Golden Ticket Employee Engagement Program is a simple and easy way to reward your employees for keeping their eyes open, solving a riddle, answering a question, or simply by doing the right thing

  • These sturdy cards come with a holographic side greeting your employee with a fun and encouraging poem
  • Back of card features space to write their name and date which helps the safety program keep track of how many tickets were exchanged for prizes
  • Hide tickets in areas where those participating in your safety program will find them such as a PPE locker or plan a safety related scavenger hunt. 
  • When they find the ticket, they are able to turn it in in exchange for a wide variety of prizes. 
Basic Package contains 20 tickets and 20 Economy prizes with VPP logo on prizes
**Prize sample shown is a mixture of economy and deluxe prizes. For deluxe package see #403931
**Products & product colors are subject to change due to availability

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