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The VPPSafety Engagement Program was created as a response to what is currently available in the line of “safety incentive programs.” It addresses and eliminates individual problems that the old programs had, and works to be much more effective in helping your organization accomplish your safety goals. It offers employee rewards that are linked to active involvement in safety-related activities - safe work practices -process of prevention.  Active Participation Focused
Choose from Basic, Grand, Mega Packages. (Price shown is for Basic Package)

Being a safe worker starts with your attitude. 
Someone with an attitude of safety will check your work area for hazards before beginning work, 
will inspect tools and equipment for damages or defects every day, and will definitely avoid taking unsafe shortcuts. 
It will be evident to those working around you that safety is at the front of your mind while you are working, 
and they will feel safe and confident working around you.

BASIC:    50 Cards,    50 Prizes
GRAND: 100 Cards, 100 Prizes
MEGA:    250 Cards, 250 Prizes

Prizes May Vary.

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